REPORT ABOUT POLAND (students´ answers)

REPORT ABOUT POLAND (students´ answers)
Dear colleagues, you must write your own reports on the exchange to Poland and make the students solve the quiz on the exchange. Upload them on your own blogs.

1.Have you enjoyed the visit in Poland due to the project?
Yes, it was great we learnt a lot and we had a lot of fun. We enjoyed everything and the trip was better we thought

2.Have your expectations been justified? Yes justified.
Yes, we made many friends

3.Have you improved your knowledge about diversity?
We have learnt about the Polish culture and many different things
4.How did you like the workshops linked with diversity?
We liked the workshop because everybody from different countries took part in them. They show how different we are and all together work in them

5.How did you like the visit to the photography museum?
It was amazing and we loved the activity we did there

6.What is your opinion on the open school lesson of creating a story on a set of snap-shots?
Interesting, fun, and it makes us more imaginative

7.Did you enjoy the excursions to Kazimiesh Dolny and Zamoshch? yes we did, we learnt some of the Polish history. They were beautiful cities.

8.Were they useful for the applying of your new skills to take pictures? How?
Yes, we learned new techniques about photography and that we will use in the future, to make a collage

9.How do you find the work on the picture dictionary about the diversity? We found it fun

10. Do you have any recommendations?

Not to travel in exams time

ERASMUS + KA2 “LEAD” * Encuentro en Polonia (I)

The project Erasmus plus K2, in which our school actively participates, has just started. Six students from the 4th year of ESO, together with two teachers, have gone to Poland to represent our school. They went straight to Kracow to meet the rest of the participants (Italians, Bulgarians and Polish). Once there, they have visited the city and started with the activities. After that, they will go to Bilgoraj, where the students will have the opportunity to share some days with a Polish family and work with teenagers from other European countries. No doubt, this experience will help them to meet different cultures and realities and, of course, to improve the communicative competence since English is the language used in the whole project. Besides, it is worth noting that the host school in Poland has already participated with our school in different projects. In fact, our high school received some students from Poland just some days ago.
                                                                                                              por Pedro J Rayo

ERASMUS + KA2 “LEAD” * Encuentro en Polonia (II)

First day of our Erasmus project in Poland. The first visit has been to the museum of photography in Kracow, where we have participated in a photography workshop, one of the topics dealt with in this project. After that, we have gone sightseeing in this wonderful city. Walking in the snow, we enjoyed the old town, the square market, Santa Maria’s church, the cathedral and the royal castle.

                                                                                           by Pedro J Rayo

ERASMUS + KA2 “LEAD” * Encuentro en Polonia (III)

Activities from Erasmus Plus LEAD continue. We were welcomed by the head officer in Bilgoraj and each one of the groups made a brief presentation of their country, village and school. Then, hopes and fears were presented by means of an activity. The main topic of this mobility is photography and all the activities will be related to this topic. The school trip to Kazimiersz Dolny gave us the opportunity to take amazing pictures of landscapes. Sunday was a family day and our students made different activities.
by Pedro J. Rayo


ERASMUS + KA2 “LEAD” * Encuentro en Polonia (IV)

We came to an end of our first mobility included in the Erasmus Plus LEAD. The last activity was an open class where teachers and students used photography to create different stories by means of images. Later on, our students attended some lessons meanwhile teachers were working in the project. Then, we visited Zamosc. In the afternoon, we went to a farewell party with folk Polish dances and songs. Next stop Bulgaria.

por Pedro J Rayo