Bulgarian experience

The program of Erasmus was an unforgettable experiencie. I have learnt a lot. I shared a lot of things of my european mates, they learned things of my country and I learned things of their country also.
I would like to repeat it because I think that this type of things open our minds.

The Erasmus program was a nice experience for me, I had a great time with my colleagues from other European countries, and I made many friends there. I got to know the traditions of Bulgaria, and their typical food. Burgas is a very beautiful city and I really liked the “Sea Garden” and the beach. I liked practicing English every day. I would love to repeat this experience.

My Bulgarian experience was wonderful. I enjoyed a lot and I knew some new friends. I liked the activities we did there and also, the places we visited. I shared really nice moments with everyone and I would like to repeat this experience again

In my opinion, these Erasmus projects are the best part of being students. They make you expand your knowledge not only from a classroom and meet people from other countries as their culture and language. Bulgaria for me has been an experience that I would repeat, not only for all the people I have met but also for everything we have learned and the interesting activities that were prepared for us.