ERASMUS + KA2 “LEAD” * Encuentro en Polonia (I)

The project Erasmus plus K2, in which our school actively participates, has just started. Six students from the 4th year of ESO, together with two teachers, have gone to Poland to represent our school. They went straight to Kracow to meet the rest of the participants (Italians, Bulgarians and Polish). Once there, they have visited the city and started with the activities. After that, they will go to Bilgoraj, where the students will have the opportunity to share some days with a Polish family and work with teenagers from other European countries. No doubt, this experience will help them to meet different cultures and realities and, of course, to improve the communicative competence since English is the language used in the whole project. Besides, it is worth noting that the host school in Poland has already participated with our school in different projects. In fact, our high school received some students from Poland just some days ago.
                                                                                                              por Pedro J Rayo

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