Memories from Spain

Our last visit took place in Spain. Here is the link with the photos:

You can also read our students’ memories from the visit:


The trip to Spain wich was a part of the Erasmus+ project was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had the pleasure of having. Meeting so many new people and practicing speaking in English with them, learning about their cultures, daily lives and passions, while exploring an entirely new to me country was a one of a kind feeling and an incredible opportunity that I’m so grateful for. I’ll never forget this trip and I’ll keep encouraging my friends to participate in projects like that!


A trip to Spain was an amazing experience. I visited some of the most beautiful cites : Seville, Elvas, Villa franca de los Barros, Merida, Caceres. During the trip I got to know the local culture and people. I think Spain is a very tolerant and hospitable country.During the workshops we could learn about social inclusion which was very interesting. I have very positive memories after the visit to this country.


I really enjoyed my trip to Spain. We visited a lot of unusual places such as Caceres, Merida, Elvas and of course Seville. During our exchange we took part in many interesting activities which helped us get along. We got to know how life in Spain looks like. We had chance to try traditional spanish food like jamon, tortilla de patatas, chorizo. We also talked about diversity and social inclusion. What I loved about the exchange was that despite many differences, we spent a great time together. It was hard to leave Villafranca de los Barros


I think our trip to Spain was exciting and positive. We were in Cáceres, Merida Elvas and Seville. All of this places were interesting, beautiful and unique. We learned about typical traditions in Spain and we could try some regional food. During our exchange we could practice English and learned some words in Spanish. We spent a great time together.

Zuzanna Tabisz

A trip to Spain with the Erasmus +  project was an amazing experience for us. It made it possible for us to get to know foreign culture, dishes and customs better. In addition, thanks to being among peers, we made friendships, and improved our English skills. The project was a great experience for everyone and it will remain in our memories for a long time.

Zuzanna Wnęk

Hi! My name is Zuzia. I had a great time in Spain. I love this country. We visited Seville, which is a really beautiful city. It was amazing for me, that almost every building in Villa Franca de los Barros was white. In our host families, we could taste traditional dishes. My favourite is Tortilla de Patatas. I hope, that one day I will see those people who I met in Spain again.

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