Memories from Bosa

I have amazing memories after Erasmus Plus project in Sardinia. Thanks to this project I could improve my knowledge about healthy lifestyle. I learnd about cuisines of partner countries: Bulgaria, Spain and Italy. I met new friends. I saw amazing, historical places and I could use my language skills. I will never forget this experiences.
Our trip to Bosa this year was an amazing time for Polish students. We met a lot of different people from Italy, but from other countries too. We talked a lot about our countries, families and traditions. We tried traditional food from Sardynia. Also we improved our English during the trip. It was great opportunity and I recommend this for everybody.
It was the best week in my whole life! Everything was amazing. I could watch beautiful landscapes etery day. My host family were so friendly. Thanks to them, I tried real Italian food. I would like to come back there in the future.
Being a member of Erasmus Plus project was one of the best decision in my life. I improved my language skills, I met new people, I visited wonderful places. I learned not only about Sardinian culture but also about Spain and Bulgaria. I have amazing memories after this project.
I have fantastic memories after project Erasmus plus in Sardinia. I learned about Italian cuisine, healthy lifestyle, culture and I could see a beautiful city, Bosa. I met great people and I hope that I will meet them again in the future. This trip was one of the best journeys in my life and I will never forget it.
That trip was really amazing. I could not only improve my English and meet new people but aslo find out interesting things about healthy lifestyle and try real Italian food which was delicious. Sardinia is very beautiful and I hope I’ll go tere again in the future.

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