Memories from Burgas

Miłosz and Bartosz
Our experience in Bulgaria was wonderful. We met very nice and kind people. We hadn’t expected such an amazing trip. There were lots of intersting exercises about different cultures which we really liked. We hope we’ll meet those people again in the nearest future.
I took part in the project Erasmus and I am really satisfied. It was a great time in my life. I learned a lot about culture, diversity and national traditions from different countries. I practised my English skills and I visited many interesting and wonderful places. I am very happy and proud that I could participate in this project.

The trip to Burgas was one of the best time in my life. I met a lot of amazing people, visited a lot of interesting places and tried Bulgarian cuisine which was really tasty. This trip was full of impressions and I would like to repeat it. It will always be in my memory.

My experience in Bulgaria was special. I met very nice people who were really kind. The Workshops were interesting and helped me integrate with other students. This journey was cool.

I really appreciate that I could participate in the LEAD project. During our visit in Burgas we could learn many interesting things and broaden our horizons. Meeting habitants from other countries is a wonderful experience because we could learn more about each others culture, food, language and traditions. Moreover, it was such a great chance to make new friends with people from Europe. That was a great experience and I enjoyed being in Bulgaria a lot.

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