STEREOTYPES – Ukraininan students in our school

Interview with Ukrainian students
Our school is very popular in our area. We have students from different countries or even from other countries, that is from Ukraine.  Five Ukrainians are taught in our school. Mostly they are 15/16 years old.  In the last few days we have asked them about school and their opinion about learning in Poland.

We’ve been very curious why they chose our school, that’s why we asked them about that. They said that the level of education in Poland is higher than in Ukraine. In their opinion after studying in Poland they will have more opportunities  to get a job.  They also admit that in Ukraine the relationship between students and teachers are not the best. The economic situation also has a big impact on making decisions about learning abroad.

We have also asked about our town. We’ve been a little surprised of their answers. They think Biłgoraj is very beautiful ,clean and cosy place. They don’t care about the size of the city because they say that there is everything what people need.

Ukrainian students praise our school for having an extensive educational offer.

A very long-awaited question was whether (?) they like our school. They said that they are in love with this high school because they met a lot of new friends here. They appreciate a good atmosphere there which is encouraging for learning.

Everyone at school has their favourite place.  Ukrainian students love spending time at the balkony, where they always meet new people.

Our friends from abroad see a big difference between Polish and Ukrainian educational systems.  They said that in Ukraine you can’t study subjects ,that you need more, than others. You must know everything and manage to do everything, if you want to have good marks.

Mostly they have nice experience with other people from our high school but sometimes it happens that local students are intolerant to other nationalities. Fortunately these are very rare cases.

We’ve asked them how often they go to their hometown. They said that they go there just on holiday but when they go there they enjoy every moment and meet with old friends.

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