Quizes about the visit in Poland_Italy

  1. Have you enjoyed the visit in Poland due to the project?

It was an incredible and beautiful experience.

We enjoyed the visit because we met many different people and experienced different cultures, ways of thinking and behaving.



  1. Have your expectations been justified?

My expectations have been justified a lot; however, it was my first project so I can’t compare it with others.

Polish people are very good people because there are very friendly and they helped us to improve our knowledge of the English language (and we also learnt some Polish words of course!!!)


  1. Have you improved your knowledge about diversity?

Absolutely because I met many other guys from different cultures and languages.

We have improved our knowledge building new friendship with all the countries involved in the project.



  1. How did you like the workshops linked with diversity?

The workshop was very interesting above all because I spoke in front of many people and I never thought I would do it.

It was really good as we could think about the meaning of diversity.


  1. How did you like the visit to the photography museum?

The photography museum was beautiful and the most interesting thing about it was the group work with  photos and magazines.

We loved it because the visit helped us to improve our imagination.


  1. What is your opinion on the open school lesson of creating a story on a set of snap-shots?

The open school lesson was a little difficult because our English is not very fluent but it was interesting.


  1. Did you enjoy the excursions to Kazimiesh Dolny and Zamoshch?

Yes, we did. They were beautiful places, there was so much snow and the Christmas lights were wonderful, we loved them. Moreover, we spent all day with all the other students, especially with the Bulgarians (like Denisz) and the Spanish (like Andrè and Lucia).


  1. Were they useful for the applying of your new skills to take pictures? How?

We took a lot of artistic photos that will remind us of those moments.


  1. How do you find the work on the picture dictionary about the diversity?

The work was interesting and it taught us new things.


  1.  Do you have any recommendations?

No, we haven’t. It was a beautiful experience and in our opinion this project is perfect       as it is now.

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