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Going to Portugal and other moments from our visit to Spain

Kalya – Demetra
03/26/2019  •3rd day•
Today, unexpectedly, we went to Portugal. Because we understood we’re going to Portugal the night before, we were so excited. We visited the historic and wonderfully preserved town, Elvas. Viewed from the air, the town walls form a star and that’s I think what surprised us most. After looking around, seeing some sights and taking pictures we had free time. We were impressed by the nice narrow streets, wonderful little shops with many cork souvenirs,  Then, instead of going home right away, they gave us two hours in the Badajoz mall, so we had the chance to spend some time there as well. Later, when we finally arrived at Villafranca, tired and satisfied, we, the Polish, the Italian and the Spanish students gathered together in a park and had a little chat. After that we all just got home, had dinner and went to bed.

Last day here with our hosts. Аnd we’re all kind of sad but at the same time we can’t wait to go home. Today we were just Bulgarian, Spanish and Polish people and we didn’t actually do something from the project but we had fun and we grew closer together and it was our last night there so we had a party and that was pretty fun. We got the chance to listen to some traditional Spanish music and see traditional Spanish dances and it was just so great afterwards we got a chance to show everyone our traditional Bulgarian dance and I think everybody had fun. So now I can definitely say that I’ve learnt a lot about prejudices and discrimination. Our exchange was awesome.

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