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Our impressions from Spain











25th of March was the second day of our project tour plans were to visit the Spanish school and to present our presentations. When we went to our host’s school we visited few classes and looked around the school. They showed us a few special rooms in their school. Then we went to a local winery. There we looked around the factory and learnt the history of the Spanish wine and how it is produced. Then we went back to the school where we showed our presentations about immigrants in each of the countries and we made a storytelling about an immigrant from Afghanistan. The participants from Spain, Italy and Poland were split in groups and each of the groups had to make a story by watching the pictures that we showed. We wrote and read interesting stories. To sum up, that day our partners in the project learnt how their countries accept immigrants and the differences between the four countries. We spent wonderful time in Spain. We learned a lot about the culture, history, traditions of the Spanish nation.

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