A colourful and remembering trip to Spain

On March 24th our last exchange on, LEAD(Learning, Experiencing and Awareness of Diversity) project funded by the Erasmus + program, started. Our flight was early in the morning from Sofia and we had arrived in Sevilla, Spain at about 12 p.m. Then we had some free time to walk around the city and to have lunch and, of course, we tried some traditional Spanish food. In the late afternoon we met the Polish and the Italian group and we continued our trip to the town with our hosts. Our hosts’ families were there waiting for us. After we have left our luggage in the houses we had dinner at a local place. On the next day we went to the school to participate in the project assignments. It was very interesting how their schools are so much different from ours in Bulgaria. They are much bigger and you can get lost there. After visiting the school we walked to the wine factory. There, a specialist showed us how they make wine. It was an exciting experience for our group. In the afternoon our hosts brought us to a Spanish theater but unfortunately we didn’t understand much. After that we made a walk around the town and visited the “Flower park”. Then we went to a restaurant and had dinner. We tried some traditional Spanish food called Tapas and bacalao dorado.

During the remaining days of the project, our hosts had prepared some trips to different cities such as Caceres, Merida and we even had the opportunity to visit Elvas, Portugal. Traveling around the country we saw how contrasting it is. A view quite different than in our country. In the fields we saw vineyards and olive trees.We were fascinated by the narrow paved streets, the houses which were only in white and the pleasant atmosphere of the town.

Personally, one of the most amazing memories of our last exchange will be the last evening which we spent at the school with our host families and all of our teachers. The Spanish group showed us their traditional dances, sang to us some traditional music and cooked traditional food.

Our last day in Villafranka de Los Barros started with a chemistry class in the form of Harry Potter lesson. It was really amazing and interesting. We also have tried some chemistry experiments. After the chemistry class we went to another room of the school. There were around five robots which we were able to use. Again this was pretty absorbing for us as students. Then we had a chance to solve different psychological challenges. After this we as a group made something like picnic and had fun with our hosts.

The next day we spent walking around Sevilla and visiting different landmarks such as Alcazar, the Cathedral, Plaza De España and etc. We had great time during our last day in Spain. In the evening we all went to a restaurant and ate again some traditional food for the last time.( they have wonderful cheese in Spain).

Then we started our long journey to Bourgas. We came home tired but happy. What I learned from this trip to Spain is that people are different in traditions, in clothing, in appearance but they all have similar problems like relationships, social interactions, school problems etc. We are different but united in our diversity