Lessons on the units Discrimiation, prejudice and social inclusion






This is a site to help teachers get ideas how to organise their lessons on the above units.


This is a site where you, as a teacher, can find out well planned lessons with assisting materials, PPPresentations, tasks and videos. We taught some of these lessons to our particpants on the project how to learn, experience and be aware of prejudice, social inclusion and discrimination. The lessons have their own plans for the teacher, they have also additional marerials. These lessons are made in an interesting way using games, interesting stories, case studies in a form of videos or articles, together with the questions that gives the directions of the student’s thoughts. etc. In this way the teachers are facilitated in their work due to the project on good teaching practices.
And what is more we met one of the basic objectives to use internet resources in our project. These lessons were experienced at the visit in Bourgas, Bulgaria by the coordinator of the project.