De Bono’s six thinking hats

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Feeding the world into the future – food and nutrition security-one of the global problems

Here are some articles that we used about the future food supply. We, the teachers decided to give them to the students to comment on the problem of managing the nutrition world problem. Students had to comment on it through the six thinking hats that offer to comment from different points of view. At the project exchange the participants are split into groups appointed to the colour of the hats. They had to read the articles and to respond to the the questions due to the colour of the hat, .

Six Thinking Hats or Edward de Bono’s Six Hats is a good decision making technique and method for group discussions and individual thinking. Combined with the parallel thinking process, this technique helps groups think more effectively. It is a means to organize thinking processes in a detailed and cohesive manner.

Six thinking hats frame

The six different frames of mind (six thinking hats) are identified in the shape of a hat and each of the hats is a different colour:

White – Information: consider only information that is available, what are the facts?

Red – Emotions: intuitive reactions or expressions of feelings (but no justification required).

Black – Judgement: logic applied to identification of mistakes or  barriers, looking for a mismatch.

Yellow – Positive view: logic applied to the identification of opportunities, looking for harmony.

Green – Creativity: statements of provocation and investigation, hearing what an idea is about.

Blue – Thinking: thinking about thinking

The coloured hats are used as metaphors for the various states of mind. Switching to a certain type of thinking is symbolized by wearing a coloured hat, literally or metaphorically. These six thinking hats metaphors provide a more complete and comprehensive segregation of the types of thinking than the prejudices that are inherent to the immediate thoughts of people. All these thinking hats help people to think more deeply about a certain topic.