Migration reflection at our schools

1. Explain to your students  the following terms:

Migrants: people who move from their homes to another place. They can return to their homes if they want to. There is no danger to their lives.There is external and internal migration.

Refugees: Cannot return home immediately, or are in fear of their lives if they do so.

Asylum seekers: People seeking a place of safety after being persecuted in their own country.

 Integration: the act or the process of mixing people who have been previously separated usually because of colour, race, nationality, religion etc.


2.Give your students the following tasks:

  1. How many are the students of your school that come from different countries?
  2. From which countries?
  3. Make a bar chart of your school after investigating how many students come from different countries.
  4. Find out and make interviews with your peers about their roots, their home country or that of their parents or grandparents.
  5. Collect:
  • Facts and figures
  • Family history
  • Personal statements about: the roots, the food, habits and traditions, going to the home country.