How to evaluate our experience in Poland?

This is a quote from the project with which we can evaluate every international exchange. It  can be seen in the following site:

For example, a metaphor exerciseA Factory of Learning” which will help not only to support the on-gnoing reflection during the activity but also to increase awareness of personal and group learning processes and to identify and document learning outcomes.·
To support the reflection after the exchange
· To increase awareness of personal and group learning processes
· To identify and document learning outcomes as they occur
Introduce participants to the ‘factory’ metaphor. The main product of the factory is the learning within the activity
We shall put posters on the wall with the following titles and questions:
1) Ingredients – What did you personally put into the learning process?
2) Machines – What kind of settings did your learning take place in?
3) Personnel – Were there any other people involved?
4) Product – What did you learn and how do you know you learned it?
5) Operator – How did you feel during the activity (emotions)?
6) Marketing and sales – What is the value of your learning? Where can you use your experience afterwards?