Project LEAD – Remarks and Recommendations form the Bulgarian National Agency

  1. Transparent selective process for students, teachers, participants
  2. Improving the working programme-more clearly to be described the local activities.
  3. Weekly on-line meetings of ccordinators, meetings of teachers responsible for the local activities.
  4. Section G- could present the project activities n the lifespan of the project
  5. The description of the results of the project could enhance on tangible result sand intangible outputs.
  6. A working time table( day-by-day) describing the local activities throughout the whole duration of the project and to be STRONGLY LINKED with the foreseen learning and training effects.
  7. Safety regulations, logistic information, provisions of European instruments for recognition of learning process during the short-term exchanges for the field-Europass mobility certificate.
  8. Maintaining an ongoing process of collaboration, local activities to be ensured online, on line communication for the sake of all activities and follow up between partners in the project.on Food
  9. The role of E-twinning platform- positive feature of the project.
  10. The usage of School Education Gateway-positive feature of the project.
  11. The key people involved in the implementation of the project in terms of education experience in international project work( valuable assistance of the Bulgarians in ICT, Italians in Food topics, the Spanish on social inclusion, the Polish on photography.
  12. Students with fewer opportunities- to describe more on the arrangements focused on selection process, inclusion in this regard to be implemented.
  13. In time weekly on line meetings of coordinators, meeting of teachers responsible for the local activities.
  14. P2 and P3-positive
  15. The role of the coordinators-in project management communication and seeking expertise in the project.
  16. It is recommended that the responsibilities of the coordinating school should be highlighted.
  17. It is crucial to envisage the phases in the process of monitoring which to enhance the corrective measures throughout the whole process.(page 25 from the project)
  18. We must include some measurable parameters for the quantitative indicators.
  19. Particular resources for the implementation of the above mentioned process.
  20. The plan of dissemination- particular networks of schools, teachers, students.
  21. Sustainability- the usage of the platforms- School Gateway, and other Erasmus+ platforms.