The exchange in Poland

The exchange in Poland on the project had started from the 30th of November till the 4th of December. Our first meeting with the partners was at the hotel in Krakow. It was winter time, it snowed almost all the time. Before the exchange the Polish had proposed  to pay a visit in the Museum of photography in Krakow.

It was an interesting idea since they were responsible for revealing the diversity in a snap-shot. We had seen very interesting history in the development of photography through time. Different technologies, strange approaches, old and diverse devices. There were  shown many prototypes of the nowadays photos and techniques. Even some very strange ways of making the portraits of the people. The guide explained in a very interesting way the facts and the history of photography. And there she had organized a workshop for the participants in the exchange. They had to make a collage about the diversity in their lives by using pictures from old magazines. They created interesting pictures on various topics. The students waged a discussion due to their collages. They saw people in various ways showing how different people are, due to their appearance, clothes, fashion etc. Then we had an interesting tour around the old town of Krakow. We were very impressed by the culture and beauty of the town. Students and teachers had practiced to take nice pictures.

On the next day we visited the school. We had a short visit around and clean and well-ordered secondary school. All the partners had prepared presentations and videos about their countries, towns and schools. The Bulgarian group presented PP presentations due to the “Pecha Kucha” method. And then the workshops: the first task was about the fears and expectations of the participants. Then they had to assess their level of knowledge on the Learning tree: the students decided that for now they are at the lowest point of the tree, because they had to understand a lot about diversity and social inclusion. We, the teachers, helped them to be aware of the diversity terms and to start  collecting words for the Picture dictionary.

The next day was about going around Bilgoraj and then travelling to an old small town on the Vistula river called Kazimieshc Dolny. Students listened to interesting stories of this site and made a lot of pictures which they showed at the workshop. They also focused on the topic of diversity. These activities helped the students to get acquainted with one another, to work together and create beneficial international teams. This helped them to improve their skills of creativity, decision-making, self-esteem and  team-building skills.

The other day was for a lesson  оn diversity. The students had to create a story based on 10 pictures with different scenario. For example- a fairy tail, a fiction, a love story etc. The students were very creative, this lesson was an interesting one for both students and teachers. In the evening the Polish prepared a wonderful cultural evening showing the gentleness of the Polish music, dances and songs.This increased the intercultural understanding and tolerance to reduce disparities among the people.Meanwhile due to the presentations there had been prepared by the students of the different countries quizzes about the countries-participants. To be continued…