Here are the tasks about our exchange in Poland 29th November-5th December


: Еvery country will have a preliminary preparation: they must have for each day icebreakers, name games, team building exercises. For example Selfie clock-by taking photos with one another and talking between themselves, students will get closer. There must be prepared presentations and quizzes from every school about the country, the town and the school. The exchange in Poland will include the following basic activities: after the icebreakers, name games, and team building exercises we envisage an introduction session “What are my expectations and fears of the exchange?“. Participants will be asked to write hopes and fears on Post It notes and place them on the ‘Learning Tree’, commenting where necessary. Next activity is the presenting of every country, region and school. There will be organized a mini – photography course by the hosting school. After this course during the cultural program the students will take pictures for practice. An open school lesson using photography as a teaching approach should promote the innovative pedagogical practice. There will be organized a cultural evening. Discussion and sharing of best educational practices among teachers. Create new international teams so participants can mix in more informal atmosphere. Give a series of tasks to the whole group. Workshops “Diversity in the snapshot” and Creating a story on identical sets of 10 different pictures; International fairy tales”; Forum Theatre method-to engage youth in dialogue about the theme accepting the disparities in an attractive way. At this visit there will be shown and advertised one lesson with innovative teaching and learning methods by a guest teacher with the students from the international exchange. Another activity that will start here is а Picture-based dictionary. Students will find out in their preliminary preparation words and pictures that will be linked with acquaintances, getting to know each other, common words used to express emotions and feelings etc. This will serve as a basis and a starting point. It will be enriched on every following exchange meeting. Determining the specific tasks in the upcoming activities per school for the next short-term exchange. From hosting school the participating students are supposed to be the greatest number which will increase the number of participants. Teachers and students will work on the questionnaires and surveys for feedback and assessment.